I feel like a fountain of thoughts sometimes. 

I have some incredibly great friends that I can share a lot of my ideas with in conversations and e-mails, but I also want to put my thoughts out there. 

I felt that having my own blog would help me overcome my fear of writing and I've always wanted to write. 

One day, I was walking with a friend through the streets of Kyoto while talking about all kinds of deep, funny, embarrassing, thought-provoking topics and so I decided to call my blog “walk with me”.  

I don’t know what I would do without those conversations with my dear friends. Of course, I can't physically walk together with friends who live in different places, in other countries, on other continents. With them I skype while sitting at my kitchen table and we “walk together” through all our thoughts. Those are precious moments to me. They help me digest my feelings, my thoughts, my moods. 

I wasn't sure where Walk With Me would take me but I know now that a lot of times it helps me to not fall too deep when my seasonal depression kicks in. Writing about moments and thoughts that take me down and sharing them and hoping that they somehow might make someone out in this big wide world feel less alone is a true comfort and blessing to me.

So, if you feel like it today, then walk with me and I tell you what's on my mind recently and maybe you'll join in and let me know how you feel about the post.