The other day I went to Banpaku Park in Osaka, where an event called LOHAS Festa, which stands for Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability, was held.

We were lucky with the weather - It was a beautiful autumn day with a blue sky, which made the leaves that had already changed colour look even prettier.

I didn't know what to expect but I was thrilled to see lots and lots of tents on a wide field functioning as shops and beautiful, creative handmade items or old goods, just like at flea markets. Around the shops people were picnicking and enjoying all kinds of different dishes from various food stands. 

We had a fantastic time, wandering from shop to shop and admiring knit-, wood-, pottery work and all kinds of accessories as well as antique glass work and so on. At some point we were overwhelmed by the amount of shops, up to the point we didn't know anymore what we liked and what we wanted to buy. 

One thing I DID buy was a balloon dog at a shop that sold all kinds of balloon animals. It was so cute I thought I had a new pet. I named him Luke and thought my little 2-year-old nephew might enjoy playing with him. After the event I went to their house and he was indeed very happy about his new friend.

 I visited my nephew and Luke just yesterday - it looked like poor Luke had lost some … air. 

Anyways, if you decide to go to the next LOHAS Festa event then I recommend to bring your own picnic blanket, plates, cups, and cutlery so that you don't have to pay for that when you visit the food stands. 

LOHAS takes place twice a year (in autumn and spring) at Banpaku Park in Osaka. 

Here is the link: (only in Japanese though)

Luke and I on the train. 

Luke and I on the train.