Who Am I - Kein System Ist Sicher (No System Is Safe)

My husband's barber recommended us this German thriller about a young, genius hacker, who finds himself drawn into a "dark net" through a subversive hacker group. 

At some point during the movie you will be reminded of another one, which I don't want to name here because it could be a spoiler. That, I thought, was the only real flaw of the movie. Don't forget I told you. (If you really should not guess what movie I am talking about and you start gazing into the distance for minutes as if you can read the answer in the air then don't hesitate to drop me a line and I'll tell you the title of the other movie.)

I liked the cast, I liked the language, and I thought that the movie had a smart storyline and was not disappointing until the very end. 

The style felt more like an American movie that's successfully trying to be a little European, rather than being a German movie that's trying to be American. It's okay if you have lost me there. See what you make of it AFTER you watch the movie given that you like and have seen a couple of German movies.

I'm not a hacker. I don't know much about computers. In fact, I panic over any anomaly that appears on my desktop. Therefore, I'm sure that some geeks might cringe here and there because some details in the plot are not accurate. Blessed are the ignorant, like me. 

What I thought was brilliantly done was the visualisation of the communication in the hacker net world, especially for someone who has a hard time grasping the Internet world. 

Also, as the title says - No System Is Safe - the plot gets you to think about how we need to prepare ourselves for how we will pay for our digital conveniency in the years to come.