A Beautiful Mess

There are quite a lot of blogs out on the web that lift up your mood, let you dream and hope that you could do this too, make you desire a life like that, give you wonderful ideas, help you improve yourself and inspire you.

Some people find them easily and some stumble upon them once in a while by coincidence. I'm usually the type of person, whose friends know everything and gets things recommended. 

A Beautiful Mess was one of those recommendations. I instantly fell in love with the website for different reasons: 

  • I love the look and the contents 
  • What a cool name for a blog
  • I find their ideas creative
  • The fact that two loving sisters do this together is quite sweet
  • Their message is clear despite the many topics they cover
  • I love the "teamwork" and "enjoying my job and my life" vibe
  • Because it reminds me of my own Palm Me Up website idea I feel extra connected to A Beautiful Mess because it makes me think that I could really pull this off

Please see for yourself what I'm talking about by clicking on this link