Im Labyrinth des Schweigens

Although I've watched quite a lot of movies recently, I didn't find any of them really worth mentioning in a post … Until this one: Im Labyrinth des Schweigens ("Labyrinth of Lies"), a 2014 German production directed by Guilio Ricciarelli, a young and idealistic public prosecutor in post war Germany takes interest in the case of a former Ausschwitz extermination camp commander, who is teaching at a school in West Berlin, which indicates that he has never been brought to justice. 

I majored in History and graduated from Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich. Although I grew up in a Germany that is dealing with its history on different levels unlike many other countries I'm related with (Turkey and Japan), and although I am of the mind that many at that time wanted to forget the past but that in the end we were lucky for having had no choice but to look at what had been done in Germany mostly because of the Allies, I was quite surprised and also shocked to learn new things through this movie, which is based on true events. 

First of all, what I was surprised about was that I was wrong about the Allies. It wasn't them who made us look at the consequences of Nazi-Germany. It was a young German prosecutor and his group of supporters that helped make the crimes of Nazis a topic that everyone wanted to brush under the carpet. 

Secondly, not only that … I was shocked to find out that a lot of Germans had never HEARD of Ausschwitz. 

All the people, who committed all these terrible crimes as Nazis would have gotten away with everything they had done, if it hadn't been for a few people with the right occupation to dig it all up again, to make us look at what we had done.  

Like with anything bad in your life you can't really move on without looking at something closely and accepting it. I believe that any country that chooses not to teach its children its true face as a nation, faces or will face political and social problems at some point. 

I won't say more about the movie, except for what an impact it had on me and how happy I am to have watched it. 

To true heroes, who remind us of the righteous way.