ONZORO Bierrösterei

Onzoro Bierrösterrei is located in Oogimachi on a quiet, unremarkable street.

The entrance is a wooden porch embraced by some greenery, and once you walk up the porch on the left side you might get greeted by a Rottweiler, who sits in her spacious box. I’m not best friends with her (though that’s another story) but she is a darling to a lot of guests, who seem to have bult a relationship with her.  Her „dog home“ is quite a clever construction as it’s both half on the porch and half inside the restaurant.

The owners, a lovely young couple, have thought of this solution because they want their dog to be around them while they are at work. During their break they take her for a walk.


What I have noticed about Onzoro is that - although it's quite charming - it doesn’t „wow“ you right away. Instead, you find yourself bonding with the place a little bit more each time you go there. And each time you're there your eyes will catch some new detail the owners have installed, or put up, or hand made with love.

It’s the same with the young couple who runs it and their staff – they are ALL adorable, fun and hardworking people and they really know how to make you feel comfortable.


That’s why I love going there.


Onzoro was introduced to me by a dear friend of mine, who is there for lunch or dinner during or after work every second day. First time I met her there for lunch I was quite touched by the friendship she had built with everyone at the restaurant.


Since they sometimes have foreign customers, I was asked if I could give them English lessons and for some weeks now I’m there for group lessons 4 to 5 times a month and I’m loving it.


I’m usually there for lunch and though for the longest time I was addicted to their quiche set (with a huge amount of salad), just recently I switched to their „open sandwich“, which is made of homemade bread topped with sprouts and salmon. In the summer you get a tasty cold onion soup and a decent portion of salad with it. It’s heaven and it’s healthy.

One of their waitresses has learned her bread making skills in France and once you’ve tasted her whole grain dark bread that’s all you’ll ever want to eat.


The cook, who is also the owner, is quite creative with his dishes and always looks for new ideas. I love the balance he creates.


Not to forget, since that’s what the name „Bierrösterei“ stands for: They serve quite a range of foreign, mostly European, beer!


So, if you care for good Belgium or German beer, home made bread, dishes with a European taste and a warm atmosphere, as well as a creative and natural ambient, then don’t miss to go to Onzoro.