Real Girl's Kitchen


Recently, rather than watching TV series or movies, I'm hooked on reality TV type of shows. 

This one - Real Girl's Kitchen - swept me off my feet with its first episode, in which Haylie Duff, the star and producer of the show, is getting ready for a detox weekend with her friends at her Malibu Beach House. First, she makes a stopover at a herbal garden to get some fresh greens for her salad and smoothie ideas. Throughout the day she tests her friends' patience by pushing her healthy intentions on them until her sister shows up as the Detox Antichrist ...

I can't explain it in any other way … I've fallen for Real Girl's Kitchen because it touches my deepest inner dreams of a perfect lifestyle - great friendships, places and homes that feel like an everlasting holiday in Hawaii, fun activities, going on trips, hosting small get-togethers etc. 

I must say though; the show almost creates a high and dry feeling in me - I love watching it but as soon as it's over I feel like my trip to my version of dreamland is over and my flying carpet drops me off at my home and my "non existing Malibu Beach House"-Life. 

I love Haylie Duff! She comes across as very natural and simple, easygoing and fun, and speaks and does everything in her show with enthusiasm and passion. I've watched other reality TV shows in which people say nasty stuff and compete with each other all the time. Real Girl's Kitchen is quite the opposite - it has a friendly, positive and respectful tone without being boring (unless you are a guy, who takes pride in farting like a champion, I suppose).  

I also enjoy the show for its inspiring and tasteful table settings, the extra information you get on food, the insights on what's in in L.A., and - since I'm not a native English speaker - the new expressions I learn like "massaging a salad". (Makes me laugh every time.)  :-) 

Oh, and the recipes - the main topic of her show - are creative, diverse, and seem easy to make. I'll definitely try out her healthy chocolate cake. As healthy as a chocolate cake can be. 

About the star and producer of the show: Haylie Duff is an American actress, television presenter, author, singer, songwriter (I'm almost done …), producer, businesswoman (if you haven't guessed that by now), writer, and food blogger. She is the older sister of the former Lizzie McGuire actress Hilary Duff. 

One last thing before you might want to check out the website. For my friends and readers in the U.S. - this is probably outdated TV material for you guys. It takes ages for movies, fashion, in-food etc. to find their way to Japan, and so what's new to me/us here might be dusty memories for you. 

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