Sally Hogshead

I find Sally Hogshead, an American author, professional speaker, CEO of Fascinate, Inc and a former advertising executive, pretty … fascinating. She was recommended to me by my business consultant Jacqui not long after we met. 

She told me about this personality test that has a specific advantage: In just three minutes you can discover your own advantage and what makes you stand out. 

I've tried out several personalty tests but I never had one that was so spot on and different in its structure.

It helps you understand what kind of first impression you create, how others see you, how what might come across as a weak point can be turned into a strong point. 

Therefore, unlike other personality assessments, this isn't about how you see the world. This reveals how the world sees you.

Just recently she launched a book titled … Fascinate, in which she explains how to make your brand impossible to resist. Since I'm working on an online business at the moment I was keen on getting my hands on the book. I just finished the book and I dare say that I did learn lots of … fascinating things from her. 

At the beginning she explains the origin of the word "fascinate" and then she introduces the marketing world bewitches us. Just finding out about all the different levels our brains deal with marketing tricks in itself is fascinating. 

Then she talks about seven different primary pillars in combination with a secondary advantage which help you decide what your business' core idea and message is and which general direction to take when you have to make new decisions. 

The second part could have been longer and a bit more detailed, I think. Still, this is a book that every person should read - whether you want to start or already have a business or you just read it for the sake of understanding how our busy world in terms of marketing works.       

For now though, if you want to take the assessment ...

1. Go to:

2. Enter your information to set up your account and answer the assessment questions. You'll immediately receive your Fascination Advantage result.                        

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. I'd love to hear what you come out with