What A Discovery


Like it's the case with anyone who has a slight obsession, my world started to revolve around anything that had to do with my growing interest in palm leaves or any tropical looking design that came across my way. 

And when I stumbled over the blog / site / article in the below link, I felt like Indiana Jones, who just made the discovery of his life!

It wasn't only palm leaves that I felt magically attracted to - apparently banana leaves seem to have the same effect on me. !!!

There are hundreds of tropical leaf prints out there, but only two designs seem to be the true inspiration for all other designs in the years to follow and the base for every tropical fashion revival. (For any smart poop heads here, … I'm not going to argue that the world had tropical designs way before these two designs but let's not make things too complicated … And to be air, I'm just at the beginning of my obsession, so let me enjoy this discovery and give me a break, sweet darlings!)

Ladies and Gentleman! Let me introduce to you The Glam Pad - Where Hollywood Regency Meets Palm Beach Chic- , which introduces the amazing, irresistable wallpaper designs Martinique and Brazillance.