Now that I've started working out at the gym (as you can read in my post under "me busy with …" I take having a healthy, strong body more and more serious. 

At the beginning I can't say I was into Cassey Ho and her Blogilates website because I found her a little overwhelming, to be honest. But over time I got used her way and now I really appreciate her energy, optimism, hard work, and her commitment. 

Blogilates is a well structured website, and her videos show quality and effort! 

In this post I would like to introduce her website and recommend her if you want to start with exercises at home on a regular basis. 

And here is one of her cardio workout videos. I think it's a perfect example for how well Cassey bonds with her audience and followers by throwing in a personal story, how she is trying to be more than just an online fitness instructor who just shows you the right moves to get your dream abs because she cares about deeper messages. And last but not least she makes sure you don't give up, you do it right, and feel taken care of!