When Everything Changes Change Everything

It took me four months to read this book.

I'm glad that I took my time with it. It's even what Walsch recommends - to put the book aside at times in order to simmer everything in your mind. 

Neale Donald Walsch is an American modern day spiritual messenger and author of the well-known series Conversations with God, in which he redefines God and shifted spiritual paradigms around the globe. Books like this one, that help understand love and life on a bigger and spiritual scale and assist you in coping with day-to-day struggles, always seem to reach you when your heart is ready for them. 

This book might not be something for you AT ALL. Or it's EXACTLY what you should consider to cope with life BUT your heart might just not be ready for it … yet.

In my case, valuable books like this one have always been recommended to me by dear friends (you know who you are) and acquaintances. Sometimes it was the perfect timing for the certain push I needed. At other times I felt that I wasn't quite there yet and I picked them up again when the time felt right. 

In "When everything changes change everything" Walsch talks about our fear of changes not knowing that changes are ALWAYS good for us even though we often can't see the bigger picture due to desperate times or certain mindsets. At first, I admit that I found his writing style annoying, as he keeps repeating A LOT, which made me feel like I'm a child that needs the simplest explanation in order to follow his thoughts. Eventually, I started to appreciate the simplicity and repetition; as he lays open a world with a different mindset you need time to digest all those new but universally true ideas and messages. 

That's all I want to give away. That and the fact that the book taught me how to be more at peace with things happening in my life that were not according to plan and which therefore stressed me out. I've learned a new way of coping with situations like that: to trust in the universe to lead me on a path that's eventually better for me, in one way or another.

It's not easy to trust. But that's how it is with trust.