the Girl on the Train

First of all, I like Emily Blunt. Not only because she seems to be a very sweet, fun, and smart person from what I've seen in talk shows but also because she's an actress, who can be vulnerable and strong at the same time. Also, she can play a variety of characters convincingly. 

She is the main character in the Mystery/Crime/Thriller movie from 2016 that's based on the Number 1 bestseller book of Paula Hawks ... It's the story of a commuter divorcee woman, who catches glimpses of the life of a couple who live in a beautiful house her train passes by every morning. With every glimpse she gets drawn back into her own past story and one day, when she sees something shocking, she eventually gets involved in a murder investigation. 

The critics loved Emily Blunts performance but seem to have expected more from the movie. Personally, I liked all the performances AND the storytelling. The movie uses a lot of voice-over and I had the feeling - though I never read the book - that the directer tried to stay true to the language style of the book. I loved what expressions Blunt's character used to describe her deepest and darkest thoughts and found it at times quite poetic. 

It's one of those movies that don't let go of you even after you leave the theater or turn off the DVD player. It stays with you, like a good book stays with you when you finish it.