German bread

Most Japanese prefer soft white bread. Therefore it's not easy to find dark, hearty, rich, densely textured bread in Japan. By the number of adjectives I used it’s not hard to guess how much I miss REAL bread!!!!

My mother and a friend were so sweet to send me a few bread mix packages from Germany the other day and all of them were quite healthy dark bread types. One was even gluten-, lactose-, and wheat-free.  Mind blowing! 

I always find a way to mess up even easy instructions and I didn't want to take any chances here. That’s why I was happy to meet up with one of my friends, who is enrolled in a one-year bread-baking course. She really knows how to make crusty, beautiful baguette and other kinds of bread. She is also very interested in organic food in general.

We were both looking forward to baking all bread mix packages on one single day.

We had one oven, three bread mixes, and 6 hours in total to get everything done.

“Why sweat?” (as one of my friends likes to say), you’ll think – “That sounds like a lot of time!”,  but different bread have different rest times, which made the whole process a little challenging.

Luckily, my friend had learned at her bread baking course how to plan out a time table and so we managed to not only finish baking all three bread mixes but we also had time to a “Brotzeit”, a light meal at the end.