John Oliver - Donald Trump

For the ones who don’t know John Oliver:

He is an English comedian and political commentator, who used to work on The Daily Show with the brilliant Jon Stewart and is known for hosting HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.


There are so many things I love about him:

·      his British humor and accent

·      the fact that, as a Brit, he can pull off political jokes on American TV and gain popularity with it

·      how he proves things right or wrong in a systematic, easy and funny way and backs everything up with great research work

·      how he questions statements and shows us all how not to believe everything we read or hear

·      his lovable way

·      how much influence he has on politics (apparently his comedic commentary has been credited with helping U.S. legislation, regulations, court rulings and other aspects of U.S. culture, which has been dubbed “The John Oliver Effect” – Luckerson, Victor TIME and Jon, Dekel National Post)


Watch this video of John Oliver talking about Donald Trump and how finding Trump amusing is well and good, but that we need to understand what the consequences could be if we we don't stop this man.