pour Mademoiselle

pour Mademoiselle is a … hm … ? It's actually hard to pinpoint.

It’s a cafe and a Chanel second hand bag shop, that also sells vintage home decor items that are mostly held in golden colors.

It’s located in the heart of Horie on the Orange Street in Osaka and is surrounded by other quite charming shops and cafes.

I can’t say it’s an outstanding cafe, and it’s surely not a place where I’d hang out for a longer time, as the space is small and you feel like you are being presented on a platter, but I like the ambient they have created, the effort they have put in the choice of colors – gold and black – and even the cute name for the shop they have picked. You'll feel that the whole shop is a tribute to Chanel and the elegance it spread(s). 

The price for a lot of the pieces they display are quite reasonable, so don’t be surprised when you walk out with a used Chanel bag or an vintage candle holder.