Sometimes you don't pay attention to wonderful things that are right in front of your nose. 

That's what happened with this little Deli Cafe/Restaurant right across our apartment. It's called Cocotte

Usually my husband and I are full like a Fugu (blow fish) or hungry like wild boars who haven't eaten in days. It's rare that we only have an appetite. But that's how we actually, finally paid attention to this cute little deli shop on our street. 

An elderly very sweet lady, who lives right above her cafe/restaurant, runs the three-table place. She serves small dishes from shrimp gratin, fish pies, different types of salads to tiny desserts and it's easy to taste the love she puts in each dish.

I'm glad we discovered her before moving to the new place. We'll definitely come back.  



Oh yeah! Forgot to mention that it's mostly French! Like a lot of other places I've recommended recently. :-) 

Sammy Pooh

The other day I was too early for my hair cut appointment. So, I strolled around Shinsaibashi and I found this lovely café that has a terrace. When I came to Osaka ten years ago it was hard to find a cafe with outside tables. Nowadays, it’s still not too common but you’ll stumble over more and more terrace cafes.

This place is called Sammy Pooh, which is a fantastic name, I think. It’s adorable, inviting, and sounds personal.

Inside they have a bakery where you pick what you want to eat and where you can order your drink. The neighborhood is rather quiet compared to how busy Shinsaibashi is just a three blocks away.