Chick Lit

In my opinion Lisa Kleypas is the best historical chick lit author I've ever read. I don't get tired of her style.

Did you have a stressful month at work? Do you just want to unwind for a couple of hours by reading a predictable love story packed with humour, vivid character description and lots of jaw-dropping romantic sex scenes? Then she is your woman.  

I also love how she connects her books by sharing characters - in one book the woman is a supporting character and in the next one she is the protagonist.

Warning: It is very difficult to put the book down once you have started.  You may easily find yourself reading until you hear birds singing in the wee hours of the morning. Though you read the book to relax you will need a day off to make up for the lack of sleep. 

If you decide to start reading her books I recommend to start with the Wallflower Series.