A Little Soul Comes To Earth ...

One of my dearest friends, Stefanie Wackar, has a website called Wolkenwerke (cloud works/factory). She has come a long (spiritual) way to call this her baby.

She creates personalised books for children. The stories are about dreaming, love, discovering your individual skills and characteristics, friendship, and gratitude. 

All you need to do is choose one content from a series of set stories, and add personal information about the child. Personal information varies from book to book  (e.g. from name, age, looks, characteristics to name of birth place, birth day, and name of grandparents and so on).

That's all. Stefanie gets the book ready within ten days and sends it to you. 

The books are great personal gifts for children for birthdays, Christmas, baptism, or just like that and a beautiful memory for life!

When Stefanie started with Wolkenwerke I was lucky to be a presentee. It's a very special feeling to receive something so personal and so touching. I'm still moved when I hold the book in my hands to go over the pages once in a while. 

The only hard to fix obstacle is that the books and website are in German. If you are hooked on the idea though, have a look at the colourful pictures of different characters who appear in her books. My two personal favourites are "Rosalie", the butterfly queen, and a guardian angel. I love the thought of a guardian angel, especially for a child. It makes you feel protected. 

If you have any questions, then please don't hesitate to contact Stefanie. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

Have fun!