Me before You

This movie was a recommendation from my aunt, who is in the movie business and whose choice in books and movies I love. 

The story is about a small town girl, who takes up a new job, in which she has to take care of a wealthy recently-paralyzed man. 

To me there are parallels between Pretty Woman and Me Before You in the sense of rich, privileged man meets girl, who hasn't seen the world yet and could do more with herself. Then again it’s not done in the Hollywood style, and that's what's good about it. 

I was surprised to see two Game of Throne actors in it. Emilia Clarke is one of them. She is a sweetheart in this movie. You got to love her with her positive attitude, colorful outfits, and her cute eyebrows, who move like Tsunami waves. 

I also downloaded the soundtrack and have been listening to Jack Garrett’s Surprise Yourself, which holds elements of what the movie is about. 

Please enjoy.