Kelly Howell

I've been listening to different binaural beats created by Kelly Howell for over a year now and though I wonder how much of it is based on some kind of placebo effect, I have the feeling that they have a positive impact on my life. 

Her CDs with subliminal messaging range from topics like wealth, love, guilt, anxiety, weight loss, to success, prosperity, creativity, self confidence and many more. 

I started with listening to Attract Wealth almost every night for two weeks in a row, which subconsciously tells you that you deserve all the good things in life and that your mind should be open to receive wealth in the shape of money, opportunities, promising contacts, support etc. Back then I was not doing well financially but I remember how within a short period of time I met people who were kind to give me discounts or things for free, and I met lots of interesting people, who supported me in what I wanted to achieve. Also, small job offers came in. 

I still don't know how and whether binaural beats with subliminal messages work but as long as the messages don't include robbing banks or assessing people, I'm happy to be able to work on myself without having to do anything but to listen to them. You are even allowed to fall asleep because your brain ist still letting in the messages. 

By now I've downloaded a wide range of CDs and because I feel like I get a lot out of them with a minimum amount of effort and money, I wanted to share this with you. 

Below you can find more about Kelly Howell and binaural beats from her website and the Internet:

Kelly Howell is the world’s leading pioneer in guided meditation and binaural beat frequency audio technology. She’s a 6-time National Bestselling Audio Author of the most advanced brainwave audio programs available in the world today. Some of her highly acclaimed best-selling programs include, The Secret Universal Mind MeditationGuided MeditationAttract WealthHealing Meditation and The Secret to Attracting Love. She brings more than thirty years experience to her work in personal transformation and mind expansion technology. 
Kelly has taught meditation to thousands of individuals worldwide, at Fortune 500 Companies, and legendary retreat centers such as Esalen. She is author of Brain Power, Improve Your Mind As You Age, recommended by the Mayo Clinic and hailed by Daniel Amen as “A blueprint to optimize your life.”  Her visionary healing techniques provide an elegant way to recalibrate brain patterns and reap the benefits of biofeedback training and long-term meditation. Kelly’s healing voice and groundbreaking brainwave music have inspired millions of people to achieve goals, heal their bodies and transform their lives. Read her article published in the Robb Report on the profound benefits of meditation in just 20 minutes a day.
Creator of Meditate.Me Meditation App
A meditation sanctuary you can hold in the palm of your hand. Visit to download free app featuring 10, 20 and 30 minute guided meditations from Kelly Howell. 
The Evolution of Brain Sync
In the 1980's Kelly began making personalized positive mental programing audio tapes for friends and clients. She went on to create a wildly successful series of Personal Development audio programs published by Bantam Books, and The SuperMind series through Random House.  1987 Kelly co-founded Neuro-Technologies Research Institute in San Francisco, a non-profit organization that studied the effects of brain technologies. Her work with researchers led to the creation of a series of clinical programs for medical professionals such as Harvard trained Neurosurgeon, Norman Shealy, M.D. Ph.D and Edward A. Taub, M.D. Their phenomenal success prompted her to launch Brain Sync in 1991.  Kelly has worked with eminent scientists to develop meditation and brain optimization programs used in hospitals, biofeedback clinics and by hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide. Over the years, many of Kelly's legendary self help classics have appeared on top of Publishers Weekly’s national bestseller lists. 
Host of Theatre of the Mind Podcasts & Radio Show
Kelly is the host of the much-loved, Theatre of the Mind podcast and radio show, featuring unprecedented access to the world’s leading visionaries and consciousness researchers, exploring mind expansion intuition, creativity and the many facets of human potential. 

Kelly has been featured in publications including The New York Post, Publishers Weekly, Brain World, Body Mind Spirit, Woman, Women’s World, Success Magazine, New Age Journal, Redbook and American Spa. Kelly is a keynote speaker, meditation guide and teacher for companies promoting health and wellness. She is affectionately called "The Brain Whisperer" by her many fans.

binaural beats 


Kacy Hill - Arm's Length

Although this song has been out since 2015 I just discovered it: Arm's Length from Kacy Hill, who is an American model, singer and songwriter. This song is included in her debut EP Bloo, which -according to stuff - is not even her best song on the EP. 

Unlike the mainly hip hop artists on the G.O.O.D Music roster, Hill's like a mixture of Florence Welsh and Kate Bush, making atmospheric dance music.
The EP is three tracks long, with two remixes of Hill's already successful hit Foreign Fields.
The original is by far the best, with Hill's hauntingly quiet vocals against a track which plays on silence beautifully. The Yung Gud remix sounds like Katy Perry's Dark Horse, with some nature sounds and a marching band drum beat, while the Bodhi remix just ruins the whole song by putting it up against a '90s-sounding dance track.
Arm's Length sounds incredibly Florence and the Machine, with its building bridge and soaring chorus in that powerful soprano, while Shades of Blue finds a balance between the two other main tracks, offering up a strong standalone track.
As a whole, it's not much on its own – it feels more like a teaser to the full LP than a standalone EP, but it's an intriguing one nonetheless.
She certainly has the talent and sound to make an impact on the mainstream market, now it's just a matter of time.

I like her strong lyrics, I like that there is a sense of sadness in her voice but also wisdom, sensitivity and hidden strengths.  Kacy Hill can sing very high and I simply sound like a cat in pain when I try to sing along, so this is not going to end up on my list of songs for Karaoke. 

Hear for yourself: 

I also like this interview from Coup de Main Magazine with Kacy Hill. I like her. Just click on the link. 


Josh Franklin - Flying High

A couple of months ago I joined a mastermind group. For the ones who are not familiar with what kind of group that is: 

Napoleon Hill wrote about the mastermind group principle as: “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

In my case it's a tiny group with two amazing women, whose websites I'm planning on posting about in the very near future. Don't miss it. 

What we do in our group is support each other on a regular basis working on and building our online businesses. (But that's another story.)

In one of our sessions we came to talk about one of the member's brother-in-law, who is a musician. She had asked him if she could use one of his songs for her website mfp - Mrs Franklin Presents (I love the name), which he kindly agreed to and that's how I found out about this very touching song. 

Have a go! :-) And then I'll let you know how the song made me feel the first time I listened to it. 

My husband doesn't speak much English and he's not the most expressive person but after I finished listening to the song, he commented on it from the other room and said that it sounded very special and beautiful! 

I thought so too. It almost moved me to tears because it reminded me of my personal struggles but instead of pulling me down it lift me up.  

First of all, the soothing voice calls for all your attention and your moved by so much honesty.

A beautiful sadness accompanies the music and the lyrics and at the same time there are so many positive elements that create a special mix between sensitive and strong

It's like all highs and lows of life are captured in these 3:08 minutes and I thought that it feels like as if the singer is working so hard on embracing life and its beauties. 

Somehow I feel like it suits the topics I always choose for Walk With Me. 

The singer's name is Josh Franklin and his newest album is called Spent. You can download it on iTunes. 

Josh Franklin! If you ever get to read this … I love your song!! 

Namika - Nador

Namika is a German singer and rapper. Her grandparents are from the Moroccan coastal city of Nador, which is also the name of her debut album from July 2015. 

My favourite song from this album is Lieblingsmensch, which translates as "favourite human" as in "my favourite person". 

Every time I listen to it it makes me think of my favourite humanS. Listening to it feels like I'm on a convertible car ride somewhere on the Californian coast - the wind blows through my hair and the mild sun kisses my nose. 

It's always a privilege to be able to enjoy a piece of work in its original version but since I want to share this with a wider audience, I looked for a decent English translation, and this is what I found. 


Favorite person
Sometimes I feel wrong here,
like a sailing ship in space
But when you are with me on board, I'm gladly insane.
Even the traffic jam on the A2, disappears as fast as a flash
And the insipid drink from the gas-station
tastes like coffee from Hawaii. (Yeah)
Even if I remain silent, you know.
I don't need to say anything, a glance is enough.
And is the everyday life to gray for us, I'll grab you, we are out of it.
Hello favorite human, an huge compliment that you know me so well.
With you, I can be myself, dreamy and being crazy. (Nanananana)
Thank you favorite human, nice that we know each other.
Hello favorite human, an huge compliment that you know me so well.
With you, I can be myself, dreamy and being crazy. (Nanananana)
Thank you favorite human, nice that we know each other.
Absolutely no one is allowed to know it, but I entrust you to it, because you keep it safe.
My area 51.
Sometimes we spin around in circles
An oddment gets to a fight, but I can't be mad at you, for more than five minutes. (Yeah)
If I pretend, you notice immediately.
When I let myself hanging, you build me up.
Sometimes the everyday life weighs heavy as lead,
but when we are in twos, everything seems so easy.
Hello favorite human, an huge compliment that you know me so well.
With you, I can be myself, dreamy and being crazy.
Thank you favorite human, nice that we know each other.
Time is changing and so do we.
You and I, so young, in this old Polaroid picture.
The last time we saw each other is far too long, but now we laugh as if you were never been away.
Hello favorite human, an huge compliment that you know me so well.
With you, I can be myself, dreamy and being crazy.
Thank you favorite human, nice that we know each other.
Hello favorite human, an huge compliment that you know me so well.
With you, I can be myself, dreamy and being crazy.
Thank you favorite human, nice that we know each other.

You can find the videoclip below but I would recommend to just listen to it without watching it. It helps to create your own images for this song. 

Let's dance!

I put this video in the Lifestyle rather than in the section because I think that dancing like Justin Lawrence Hoyt in the video below is a way of enjoying life. 

I watched this a couple of times and started dancing to it in my apartment in front of my husband, who was getting ready for bed. He watched and then joined me with his toothbrush in his mouth. 

I bet this will make you smile and maybe even dance. 

The Way You Make Me Feel - different

I like Kawehi's version of Michael Jackosn's The Way You Make Me Feel. She is cute, the video is cute (the dogs are funny, too) and it's simply amazing how she operates that … thing! 

(I'm easily impressed by people who can multitask, as I can not!) 

She's got a sweet voice. You might want to check out her other covers on You Tube. 

Begin Again

I liked the movie very much. Check out my short post on it in my "on screen". The soundtrack was cute-romantic, light but deep.

Begin Again: Music from and Inspired by the Original Motion Picture
¥ 1,329
By Various Artists, Keira Knightley, CeeLo Green, Cessyl Orchestra, Adan Levine

Below is a clip from the movie, where Keira Knightly sings "Coming Up Roses". It's not my favourite song, though I like ALL songs on the album. I chose this one because it's not a movie spoiler and it gives you an idea of what type of music you can expect.