When I was a teenager one of my dream jobs was being a screenwriter. And although I never did much for this quiet dream of mine it will always stay a part of me. Occasionally some films have the power to wake it up and stir it a bit. Those are moments of sweet pain because I feel immensely excited when a film does that to me, while at the same time a part of my brain says "Why did you not come up with this idea??!!"

Locke is one of those movies.

What I find fascinating about it is that it manages to give you a round picture of someone’s life, a drastic situation and also - despite the fact you only hear their voices - an idea of who the people around the central character are, simply by one continuous scene that takes place in a car, and phone calls. No change of scenes or time lapses, and no facial expressions of supporting roles; just a segment of a man’s life, his story with different people, and the consequences of his actions.

Ivan Locke - played by Tom Hardy - is the name of the protagonist, who's driving in his car on the highway at night while talking separately to a set number of people on the phone. The fact that the whole long scene takes place in a narrow space makes all phone conversations and also the moments Locke is alone with his thoughts intense.

I love this movie for being able to capture power of the silence you can have with yourself in a car when you are driving, especially at night ... But I don’t want to give away too much.

Tom Hardy does a brilliant job. I don’t think that many actors can pull off a character like Locke's and under the circumstances the protagonist finds himself in.

Plus, as you can guess, I love Tom Hardy. I find him very charming. 

I’m sure that not everyone will find this movie as fascinating as I do but I hope you get a chance to watch it.