Danielle LaPorte - Day Planner

Let me say first that I don't owe this day planner yet but I've heard so many good things (from Jacqui and Amanda) about this so called Desire Map Day Planner and watched a very informative and convincing video about how to use it that I'd love to get this for myself for 2017 .

"Danielle LaPorte is a bestselling Canadian author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and blogger. She is the author of four non-fiction books dealing with topics from style to entrepreneurship, incorporating aspects of personal development." (Wikipedia) 

What is fascinating about her planner is that it asks you to write down 3 to 4 main goals for the year and that it helps you get centred again when you get off track in order to to get you focused back on your goals. It does that on a regular basis.

It helps you to not only be efficient in your daily life but it enables you to ground yourself, become aware of your presence, and see your achievements with little sections you have to fill. 

These sections cover what you are grateful for today, what you have accomplished this week/month, how your body feels and so on.

I think that this planner is special and though I sound like I was paid for this (which is not the case) I believe that it can assist you in personal growth. See and decide for yourself. 

This has so much gift potential. Don't you think?