Today, my friend took me to a new cafe around the corner from her place in Moriguchi (on Keihan / Tanimachi Line) in Osaka.

It is called BUNROKU Tea Room

The place made quite an impression on me. On the outside it's disguised as a renovated traditional Japanese family home turned into a cafe. 

Then you walk in, and though overall the "package" of the interior stays traditional Japanese your eyes catch beautiful Western antique furniture and charming British looking tableware tastefully arranged around the room.

There is no coffee offered on their menu. They are that dead serious about tea! I'm not even going to attempt impressing tea lovers because I know I'd fail big time but just for the sake of opening up a new world to ignorant coffee drinkers like me, let me use the word brisk to describe the general flavour of what they offer. (Click on the word "brisk" to enter that world!)

I liked that they used classical music in the background although I found Mendelssohn's wedding march Midsummer Night's Dream  a bit distracting. I was expecting a bride walking by our table any second. 

Apparently, this place has it's original huge shop and cafe in Kyushu, where it has it's own tea plantation and which got a prize by the English Great Taste Award for its amazing tea. 


Bunroku Tea Room