The Bling Diary

Swarnima, the jewelry artist 

I stumbled upon Swarnima's Instagram posts a couple of days ago and I couldn't help but comment on her amazing outfits as I found them unique in the way she combined material, colors, accessories, and designs. She quickly replied in the most sweetest way and that's when I checked out her blog on her website The Bling Diary.  

The blog is very well done and invites to a level of fashion that is very detail-oriented, passionate, artistic but also "doable".  

There is a quote from the designer and entrepreneur Swarnima that says:

"Every woman is a reflection of her own values and identity. For each woman it is my purpose to adorn her unique charisma with the elegance of jewellery. To highlight her power with the vigor of stunning gems and precious metals that are befitting of her inner and outer beauty. To me, the tenacity of fine metals is the sculpted masculine space that holds the glory and exquisite face of feminine gems in its strength. The metal is the anchor and the gems, eternal luster. It is much more than jewellery. It is a story of her self expression. My craft is made with passion to match her individual shine wherever she is be it the East or the West."

This is the part that moves me most about a woman, who knows her values and knows how to express herself with design, colors, and accessories as I feel I don't really know yet how to do that and I hope that I can learn little by little how to embrace my whole body with fashion. 

Check out Swarnima's Instagram posts and her website and you'll see what I mean. 

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A Beautiful Mess

There are quite a lot of blogs out on the web that lift up your mood, let you dream and hope that you could do this too, make you desire a life like that, give you wonderful ideas, help you improve yourself and inspire you.

Some people find them easily and some stumble upon them once in a while by coincidence. I'm usually the type of person, whose friends know everything and gets things recommended. 

A Beautiful Mess was one of those recommendations. I instantly fell in love with the website for different reasons: 

  • I love the look and the contents 
  • What a cool name for a blog
  • I find their ideas creative
  • The fact that two loving sisters do this together is quite sweet
  • Their message is clear despite the many topics they cover
  • I love the "teamwork" and "enjoying my job and my life" vibe
  • Because it reminds me of my own Palm Me Up website idea I feel extra connected to A Beautiful Mess because it makes me think that I could really pull this off

Please see for yourself what I'm talking about by clicking on this link

It's gift time

When you have run out of ideas for what to get for a friend or a family member and you have something special and fancy in mind for that person then try out a shopping site called ahalife. They sell great gifts. A lot of items are pricey but here and there you can find some great gifts for a decent price. I fell in love with the Herbal Sinus & Migraine Cap for $ 40, for example. (You might be able to get it on amazon for a cheaper price.)

If nothing else, it’s a well put together beautiful website for getting ideas for presents.