Lisa Eldridge - a Spa on long flights

This is the first video of Lisa Eldridge I watched. In this one she explains how she treats herself with a sort of spa on a long flight. 

I used to love flying and always found it thrilling to get on planes when I was in my twenties. Now, when I fly from Japan to Germany and back once a year, I just feel exhausted and at the end feel and look like a dried out zucchini. 

I'm a very self-conscious person and in the first few minutes into the video I wasn't too sure I'd feel comfortable enough to start putting different creams and lotions on my face and hands with lots of other passengers around me possibly wondering what I'm doing. But Lisa Eldridge has a way to make you think "Screw the others! This is about YOU!" 

And ultimately that's why I put this post in the Lifestyle section; I believe it's important to take care of yourself, to treat yourself, not to care about what others think and make the most of your time and enjoy yourself. 

Also, I love using small samples and smelling good and putting on big sleeping masks. I really want to get one just like Lisa's. You can also learn about other products she uses and the fact that she mentions affordable and less affordable goods is also a bonus.

Last but not least, I like this woman and her video styles. She is very natural, self-confident but not in an annoying way that makes you feel like a loser when you watch her, and she presents herself well. She is a natural beauty though and looks good WITH and WITHOUT make-up on. I'll definitely try to bring one of my colorful lipstick with and put that on in order to distract from the rest of my face. But that's just me. 

Maybe you'll treat yourself with a mini-spa on your next flight. Who knows?

You can find out more about Lisa Eldridge by clicking here

Summing up motherhood in 34 seconds

This made me laugh so much because I can imagine myself in a situation like that if I were a mom thinking (in a humorous-loving way) there is no escaping.  Especially the end is funny. Somehow it made me think of the movie Alien

Let's dance!

I put this video in the Lifestyle rather than in the section because I think that dancing like Justin Lawrence Hoyt in the video below is a way of enjoying life. 

I watched this a couple of times and started dancing to it in my apartment in front of my husband, who was getting ready for bed. He watched and then joined me with his toothbrush in his mouth. 

I bet this will make you smile and maybe even dance. 

Heads Up

Ellen DeGeneres has released (quite a while ago) this fabulous, funny game that she sometimes plays with her guests.

It’s a word guessing game and it’s called Heads Up

You can download the App to your smart phone or tablet and when you start the game you hold the screen above your head. The other person gives you hints and you have to guess as many words as possible in 60 seconds.


Since you are not allowed to look at the screen, there are ways how to control Heads Up:

When your guess is correct you tilt your device (tablet or smart phone) face down and when you want to pass a word you tilt the device up.

At the end of the 60 seconds you can see how many words you got right and how many you have passed.


The game includes 18 themed decks.

I downloaded two versions of it – one with words and one with pictures. The pictures are good because I can play that with friends who don’t speak English or with students, who are studying English with me. (You can play it with kids as well!) 

Here is a video of Ellen playing the game with Alison Sweeney. 

I like the version with doing accents. 

Last but not least, I added this funny video of a lady who just doesn’t get the rules. 


Tim Minchin

The same friend, who took me to the great French restaurant, which I posted about in the “” section, also told me to watch Tim Minchin on YouTube.


“He is hilarious”, she said. … “You’ll love him”, she said. …

And she was right.  


Tim Minchin (Timothy David Minchin) is a British/Australian Comedian Slash Musician Slash Writer.


I’m just at the beginning of discovering his work but I can tell you that he is indeed very funny (luckily, since he is a comedian), that his jokes are very smart, and that he is quite political.


He does a brilliant job in combining serious topics that concern everyone with provoking well-chosen language and ridiculous seeming topics.


I have no talent for remembering song lyrics and I’m someone who can’t do grocery shopping AND talking on the phone to someone at the same time. Therefore I’m especially amazed by people like Tim Minchin, who is a genius in multitasking and singing really fast and adding lots of humorous moments to his performance with his pauses and mimics. 


Why don’t you check out this YouTube video – Prejudice – below and see for yourself?



I also liked “F%!%§ the Poor“, „The Pope Song “, and “Always the Germans”.  They all cracked me up!!!


Have fun!


The Ellen DeGeneres Show - Amy Schumer

Ellen just puts me in a good mood. So, if there is still anyone out there, who doesn't know her then please check this video out to get a glimpse of her show, so you find yourself in a good mood too. 

I didn't really know who Amy Schumer was but she is hilarious and I want to see more of her. 

The Way You Make Me Feel - different

I like Kawehi's version of Michael Jackosn's The Way You Make Me Feel. She is cute, the video is cute (the dogs are funny, too) and it's simply amazing how she operates that … thing! 

(I'm easily impressed by people who can multitask, as I can not!) 

She's got a sweet voice. You might want to check out her other covers on You Tube. 

Honest Trailers

One very good friend of mine, whose British humour I love, recommended me this web series where all kinds of movies are introduced in a different way - a more "honest" way. 

You'll love the voice. 

I chose Love Actually as one of the Honest Trailers series. 

The Late Late Show With James Cordon

I love the The Late Late Show with James Cordon, especially the car pool karaoke part and how he pulls that off: He manages to create a funny friendly atmosphere, sing pretty well, and remember all lyrics WHILE driving. Is he really driving? Cause that's just amazing multitasking, in my eyes. 

If you are not a fan already, let's see if I get you hooked on with this car pool karaoke video with Adele as a guest.