Tim Minchin

The same friend, who took me to the great French restaurant, which I posted about in the “Lau..haha..gh” section, also told me to watch Tim Minchin on YouTube.


“He is hilarious”, she said. … “You’ll love him”, she said. …

And she was right.  


Tim Minchin (Timothy David Minchin) is a British/Australian Comedian Slash Musician Slash Writer.


I’m just at the beginning of discovering his work but I can tell you that he is indeed very funny (luckily, since he is a comedian), that his jokes are very smart, and that he is quite political.


He does a brilliant job in combining serious topics that concern everyone with provoking well-chosen language and ridiculous seeming topics.


I have no talent for remembering song lyrics and I’m someone who can’t do grocery shopping AND talking on the phone to someone at the same time. Therefore I’m especially amazed by people like Tim Minchin, who is a genius in multitasking and singing really fast and adding lots of humorous moments to his performance with his pauses and mimics. 


Why don’t you check out this YouTube video – Prejudice – below and see for yourself?



I also liked “F%!%§ the Poor“, „The Pope Song “, and “Always the Germans”.  They all cracked me up!!!


Have fun!