Little Things That Make Me ME

Before reading my post check out this article from The Telegraph


Little Things That Make Me ME

I understand that you can’t just read one source and believe that it is the mother of all … truth.

I also think that you need to be careful with claiming right away to belong to a specific group of people just because you read some scientific research and its diagnosis.


Still, when I read this article I felt a certain kind of relief.


Imagine you have pain in your body and you don’t know where it’s coming from, and how long it will last.

You feel miserable but you don’t know what to do about it.

You try out different things but nothings helps.

You start to feel scared because you don’t know what is going on with your body.


Finally, when you go to the doctor and you listen to his/her diagnosis, and especially if it’s not something very serious, it feels like the pain is fading away because now you know the name of the pain, and now you can track its origin.


Knowing what’s going on in you makes you feel like you are back in control.

You are more in tune with yourself again.


That’s the kind of relief I’m talking about, and that’s how the article made me feel.


In the last few months I’ve come to get to know myself more and more.

I'll explain what I mean by that. 


I believe that some people are lucky to have a strong sense of who they are from a very young age on. Of course, they “shape” as they go along, but overall they know who they are and just add skills from then on.


In my case, I always felt like a huge drop of mercury - Since my childhood I was used to adjusting myself to all kinds of personalities and situations to such a degree that I forgot to work on my own shape.


I asked myself many times: “Who am I really?” “What makes me ME.


Here are just a few things I learned about myself in the last couple of years:


I need to believe in what I do for living in order to be happy.

Competitive environments make me unhappy. I like working in a team where people like supporting each other and help each other grow.

Dairy products give me headaches.

I have counseling skills.

I am artistic, innovative, and passionate, but I need to learn how to add facts to my visions and statements in order to reach a broader audience.

I’m a gypsy in my heart – I can’t imagine living in one place for the rest of my life.

A mild climate makes me feel alive. 

I’m really not good with numbers.



Knowing all these things about myself help me choose the lifestyle I want and need.


I wasn’t aware of a lot of my skills until my last job and especially on a personal level I blamed myself a lot for all the things I lack in. Things have changed …  


Now I’m in the process of learning about and embracing my personality traits. It takes time but articles like the one above help me understand who I am, and THAT helps me figure out how I want my life to be and what I need to do for that.


Some of us are lucky to start at an early age, and for some of us the process starts at a much older age. Luckily enough, it's never too late.