Why on earth ...?

I always find it fascinating in a scary way how things in life turn out and turn around like a boomerang, hit you in the face and knock you out.


Things that don't make sense to me


How is it that we always complain about and expect more from a capable hard working person and turn a blind eye on what an irrational and immoral one does? If you're tired of hearing political comments then forgive me but ... I am referring to Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Before you roll your eyes on me, think about what that man gets away with.

You might say "Give him a break. He just sta..."

NO! No. Just think about it. Thank you. 


Next one: 

Why do we hear from people, who we help and work our asses off for, how unbelievably kind Mr or Mrs X is because Mr or Mrs X has ONCE carried their heavy grocery bags to their door while the same person never bothers to say a single word of gratitude to us? Don't get me wrong. I don’t help in order to hear a Thank You (at least I’m pretty good at telling myself that) but this kind of attitude always makes me wonder why people can’t express and spread their appreciation equally. What's wrong with them?  


Why do we think we have nothing and no one in our lives and can’t see the little treasures we are surrounded by? I could list up a forest of examples in which I forget to appreciate things and people in my life but here is one specific example with my mom (because it’s always easier to see other people’s actions rather than your own ones).

My wedding took place in Hawaii and the number of guests was small. My mom was my rock and very supportive on this meaningful trip. My father had refused to give me and my husband his blessing and didn't come (that’s another story though) and no one of my mother’s siblings nor any other close relative could join. Despite the joy we felt on that day my mother carried a sack of sadness with her. Later she told me that she never really ever felt supported by anyone in her life – especially not by my father but also not by her own family or relatives. It made me sad to know my mom felt that way but I wanted her to see that we were amongst so many amazing friends, who had always been on our sides for years and years. The ones who couldn’t make it had given her/us mental and financial support, and the ones who celebrated with us in Oahu had come from near and far. One of my mother’s close friends, who is in her 70s and like a mother to her, decided to accompany her and to be by her side on the trip.

I’m thankful I had this conversation with my mom because it made us both see and appreciate all the wonderful people in our lives we can call our friends. But honestly, why do we always need someone to remind us of all the good things we have?



On Instagram Drew Barrymore had posted a cute picture of her daughter’s feet in her mother’s high heels. All the comments on the post you could read below were very sweet and cheering. It made me wonder though whether on another social media, like Facebook, where people seem to feel more comfortable making nasty comments, the same post would have received criticizing remarks, like “Who lets a little girl wear high heels?” or “Parents shouldn’t encourage their girls to think that looks matter more than anything” and other negative bullpoop.

Why do certain environments let the pig in us come out? (Sorry pigs! It’s just a German saying.)


Why do some people love to ignore your advice but embrace the EXACT same advice from someone else like it’s their new mantra or bible quote?  My aunt loves to do that with me. While my words are given the cold shoulder, it's other people she chooses to listen to despite the fact that their message is the same. Well, in the end it’s not about whom she listens to but that she is ready to let a new thought/advice into her life.  


My father - as mentioned above – asked me a few years ago to leave him alone and not to contact him ever again. The one thing he can hold against me is that I didn’t tell him right away about my relationship with my now husband. It’s really a long story and a maze of emotions but what I don’t get is how a father chooses to hurt his child who really cares for him and only ever wanted his love in return. I’ve never been a rebellious, nor disrespectful daughter. I wonder though – if I had given my father a hard time when I was a teenager or had had serious drug problems, a tattoo on my forehead, and were kleptomaniac and THEN had told him I had lied about my relationship, I’d probably not only be forgiven for having chosen a life far away from Germany but he’d be happy I married someone decent, no matter what race, religion, gender or background. I guess, it’s like any other human relationship – when you try too hard to please the other person, you lose track of who YOU are and what YOU want and the other person ultimately disrespects you for that and treats you accordingly, namely like shit.


A few more: 

Mankind can fly to the moon but still - in this time and age - women have to endure medieval-torture-like check-ups like mammography. Why on earth ...?

Why do we still think that the education system that was introduced over 100 years ago in Europe still works for everyone? Because it doesn’t. We need to send our children to schools that deal with how the world is today. TODAY, people!


Why can’t I just change the channel when I see something absolutely dumb on TV like a shopping channel crew that desperately tries to sell a steam iron? It feels like I’m being hypnotized or controlled by aliens who make me watch fake, slimy, shameless, and over the top behavior. 


There are so many other things I could list up just by watching the news and seeing people suffer from war or fight against systems and so on. Shaking my head about things and wondering why might seem meaningless to some but it's important to me. Just because things are the way they are it doesn't mean they are okay or should stay that way. We should question things.

But while we do that we need to stay sane, fair and light.